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New Physics

A Simple Experiment Regarding GPS



We know that E = b EB κ c / λ


and that the energy-event c / λ is fixed throughout space.


Then for energy transmitted back and forth from the E surface and a geo-sync sat:


E Earth = h c / λ = hE c / λ


while E Sat = hSAT c / λ = E Earth x hSAT / hE.


The ratio hSAT / hE = EBSAT / EBE = rSAT2 / rE2.


Since the Earth geo-sync orbit altitude is well known at 35,786 km above the Earth equator, then:


hSAT / hE = (6,378km + 35,786km)2 / (6,378 km)2 = 43.578.


Then E Sat = E Earth x 43.578.


In other words, these sats (lots of them) are wasting approximately 44x the energy they could have otherwise used.


There are two possibilities:


  1. The corporations do not understand the physics and they need to be educated for their own good and for the good of the population.
  2. The corporations do understand the increase in energy but do not understand where it comes from. They have not told us (you) and need to be educated.


In any event, education is good for everyone, for the planet, and for its population.